A proposed merger between 辉瑞 和 Allergan aims to create a pharmaceutical giant that would generate an estimated $64 billion in combined product sales 和 spend at least $1.6 billion on advertising.

制药商周一宣布, 传闻 $160 billion deal, stating that the boards of directors at both companies had unanimously approved the merger. The combined company will be named 辉瑞 plc 和 will maintain Allergan’s Irish tax domicile. It will be led by 辉瑞 CEO Ian Read. Allergan CEO Brent Saunders will take a seat on the board 和 will serve as president.

“Joining forces with 辉瑞 matches our leading products in seven high growth therapeutic areas 和 our robust R&D pipeline with 辉瑞’桑德斯在新闻稿中说:“这是一家领先的创新和既有业务,庞大的全球足迹以及在发现和开发研究方面的实力,从而创造了新的生物制药领导者。”

The reverse merger will also allow New York–based 辉瑞 to move its headquarters to Ireland in a so-called tax inversion. The US Treasury Department last week proposed new rules that seek to prevent such deals but analysts say those proposals shouldn’t hamper the deal.

“他们不’Sanford C. Bernstein的分析师蒂姆•安德森(Tim Anderson)在一份研究报告中说,鉴于所有权门槛,这似乎与[辉瑞/艾尔建]交易没有太大关系。

Like most other large pharmaceutical companies, Allergan 和 辉瑞 have both grown significantly in size in recent years primarily through acquisition. Anderson said 辉瑞 has extensively relied on M&A驱动增长”,因为它经常落后于R&D.”

In February 辉瑞 said it would 采购Hospira 以170亿美元的交易价格获得了医院和伊利诺伊州莱克福里斯特制药商常用的传统注射剂’的生物仿制药产品组合。

辉瑞 reported $45.7 billion in revenue in 2014, according to securities filings. That year the drugmaker spent $8.4 billion on R&D以及140.9亿美元的销售,信息和管理费用。根据Kantar 媒体的数据,该公司在2015年上半年的广告支出为7.455亿美元,2014年为14亿美元。

去年11月的Actavis 获得的 总部位于加利福尼亚州尔湾的艾尔建(Allergan)以660亿美元的价格收购,后来更名为爱尔兰制药商艾尔建(Allergan)。 2014年,公司在R上花费了10.8亿美元&D和18.5亿美元的销售和营销费用。根据Kantar 媒体的数据,其今年上半年的广告支出为1.449亿美元。 2014年,它在广告上花费了2.668亿美元。

If the deal between Allergan 和 辉瑞 goes through, the combined company is considering a 期待已久的计划 to split 辉瑞’s new therapies business from its established product business. That decision would be made by the end of 2018, 辉瑞 said in the release.


The merger would allow 辉瑞 to further commercialize those brands in global markets, 辉瑞’据Evercore ISI分析师称,该公司高管在与投资者的电话会议上表示。预计该交易将在交易完成后的头三年提供这些好处以及估计20亿美元的运营协同效应。预计该交易将于2016年上半年完成。